International Network

We make use of our extensive network during all client assignments. We have extensive personal, commercial and professional networks in Europe, America, Asia and Africa – a resource for business development, initiating contacts and assisting with financing.

Below, we specifically mention two important partners in acquisitions and divestment of businesses, which is one of our key service areas.

Larger transactions

Norscan Partners has an agreement with Greenhill to collaborate on major transactions. These will normally involve Norwegian companies, enterprises or industries that Norscan has particularly good knowledge of through its network.

Greenhill & Co is an independent, global investment consultancy firm that focuses on major international transactions in M&A, financing, restructuring and capital acquisition. Greenhill has offices in New York, London, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Melbourne and San Francisco.

Visit Greenhill's website

Smaller transactions

Norscan Partners has established a separate business called BCMS Norway as a subsidiary working solely with the sale of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We are partnered with BCMS through this enterprise. BCMS is a global leader in the sector and accounts for sales of around 100 companies a year.

Marketing and sales are important when finding new owners for a company. Norscan Partners will work closely together with BCMS in the early phase to identify criteria for potential buyers we should approach and create the conditions for competition between potential acquirers. Moreover, we are particularly well-equipped to identify foreign buyers.

Visit the BCMS website

BCMS Norway and Greenhill are key aspects of our formal, international networks. In many contexts, our network is an important contributor to the services we offer our clients.

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