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These are the partners. We are the ones actually doing the job. We don't hire junior consultants. So the partner(s) work directly with you. This is how we ensure the best possible result for our customers.

Jarl Whist
Truls Nyquist
Gerhard Heiberg
Stein Aukner

Leiv L. Nergaard
Brynjulf Lomsdalen
Anders Hennum
Gudbrand Jevne

Sveinar Kildal
Hans Tormod Hansen

Our services

Strategic consulting


Ownership and corporate governance




Acquisitions and divestment


Business restructuring


Management for hire


Strategic business development has been at the heart of our services since Norscan Partners' establishment in 1991.

We contribute to value creation at our clients' companies by providing executive management experience and our extensive network.

We deliver independent and targeted advice on strategic issues. Read more about us, how we work, and what we can offer.

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