Ownership and CorporateGovernance

Through different organisational phases, you may need assistance. Corporate governance can be demanding for private and public owners, and neutral and external expertise may be necessary.

Professionalism is key to a functioning board of directors. Having high expectations constantly on your back may be demanding. We know how you feel, and we have all been in your shoes. As a neutral contributor, we assist you with the evolutional process of ownership, assessment in the inquiry of companies, or offering corporate governance seminars. 


Our partners have experience from all sides of the table – as owners, board members, and managers.

  • Norscan can help you develop processes related to ownership.
  • Norscan can assist in company investigations on behalf of the owners.
  • Norscan offers courses and seminars in corporate governance.


We support you in solving complex issues with expertise and neutrality. 

  • Is the board's competence correctly formulated and relevant?
  • Are the company's organisation and daily management appropriate? 
  • Is the company prepared for future challenges?
  • Are industrial and financial partners relevant?
  • Has the relationship between the board and the owners been clarified?

Generational change

Generational change gets off to a late start because it's a challenging process for family businesses. We have vast experience dealing with such issues, stepping in as neutral advisors.

We assist your business, from planning to implementation, and in the face of challenges:

  • Does the company have the expertise required to take the company into the future?
  • What is the proper time for a change?
  • How do the owners wish to participate in operational management?
  • Can/should the company be split?
  • Should all or a part of the company be sold for easier distribution of wealth?