Who are NorscanPartners?

We are an integrated business advisory mainly focusing on strategic business development, dissemination, and financial support. Whether you are experiencing complex challenges, have trouble handling the growth, or need assistance raising capital, we're here to assist you. In addition, we provide owners, board members, and stakeholders with advice to keep pace with an ever-changing world. 

Many years of experience and networking have made us experts in navigating and managing complex challenges. As a result, we seamlessly integrate our business consulting, solving strategic problems and taking care of your business, making it thrive.


Norscan Partners AS was established in 1991. You will find our office at Skøyen in Oslo, and the company is owned by its 14 partners. Years in the business, our operational practice is firmly founded, focusing on senior executive management, trust-based management, and wide networking.

Our Partners

Our 14 partners, who work directly with our clients, have held senior executive management positions in industrial and financial corporations. Collectively we cover the most significant industries in the Norwegian business sector. In addition, we have a solid Norwegian and international network within the business sector, public administration, NGOs, and politics.

Our clients

Our clients are owners, leaders, and stakeholders in private and public companies. With a broad client base mainly consisting of Norwegian companies and organisations, we assist companies and projects in the USA, EU, China, and Africa. We scale our services to fit start-ups to large companies.

Operational practice

The Norscan methodology has proven successful through strategic analysis, careful team selection, and the correct composition of tools to target the right solution in hundreds of missions. 

Our work mainly focuses on four significant areas:

1. The broad lines

  • Structural change.
  • Environment and sustainability.
  • Strategic pillar.
  • Network-enabled problem-solving.

2. Internal business environment

  • Reorganising.
  • Unsatisfying earnings.
  • Identifying and analysing complex situations.
  • Project and interim management when change occurs.

3. M&A and generational change

  • Sale of businesses - major or minor parts.
  • Family-owned businesses, including generational change.
  • Acquisition of minor or significant parts of the business.
  • Divestments.

4. Finance and capital

  • Financial restructuring.
  • Raising capital.

International network

We have an extensive worldwide network which is a resource for strategic business development and financial support. We also do cross border M&A.