Norscan offers expertise in buying and selling companies - often based on an overall strategy process. Norscan's strength lies in long experience and an ability to see the whole company.


Many factors come into play in an acquisition, and then it is wise to have experience and expertise on your side. By understanding the client's strategic drivers, we can facilitate the purchasing process from planning to implementation. 

Our contributions are often the identification of relevant and attractive acquisition candidates, an assessment of how best to approach these, and finally, the actual completion of the transaction.


Selling businesses is an art where competence and a solid network play an important role. Our partners have driven many sales of large and small companies, and we can assist you throughout the process - from preparation to implementation.

Acquisitions and sales of companies are increasingly taking place across borders, and it is essential to have a solid international network. We work with BCMS, one of the world's most prominent advisers to private owners in the sale of companies on the global market. It gives us access to a large selection of potential buyers worldwide.


Preparing a business for sale can involve substantial value creation and profit, including adjusting the company's strategic positioning, highlighting company assets, reviewing the corporate structure, ensuring administrative relationships, and clarifying any disputes or risk areas.


Once we have prepared the company, the sale will be a marketing task. Therefore we spend time identifying criteria for which buyers we should contact before we enter the market so that the sales presentation is adapted to the potential buyer - because no two buyers are alike.

In the start-up phase, we reach out to a large number of carefully selected potential buyers to create competition and give the seller choice. Then, when valuing the company, we analyse what values the company can make for the buyer.

Our structured sales process, which is developed based on a significant number of transactions both nationally and internationally, ensures the best possible result for the seller.