Management for hire

We supplement your company's expertise when it is needed. Norscan leads companies in transition periods and helps them navigate through unsafe periods. Sometimes this involves ownership changes or restructuring of financial or operational aspects of your business.

The need for external expertise is heightened when the environment or internal conditions change rapidly. It will often be appropriate to hire an interim manager for a limited period of time.

Norscan has extensive experience with restructuring processes, from the side of management, directors and as Management for Hire/interim management. Situations can also occur where interim management is necessary without needing restructuring.

Every situation is unique and must be understood on its own terms. We are very conscious of the dialogue needed with the many stakeholders (owners, management, employees, customers, lenders, etc.).

Norscan can offer active management/participation in the operational and/or financial restructuring of a business, as well as in other situations that require management expertise from outside the company.

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