Strategic consulting

Strategic understanding is important for making good decisions. The ability to make conscious choices is crucial to navigating through changing times.

Business development is to a large extent to make the right choices for large or small businesses. Strategic analysis, advice and implementation are at the heart of what we offer.

A wealth of experience
Norscan's partners have wide and varied experience from many industries and markets. Their insight and expertise provide understanding to help businesses assess strategic opportunities and threats.

Carefully weighted choices
We offer thorough analyses, which we conduct in close cooperation with the client. Strategic consulting is all about facilitating wise choices.

Solid basis for decision-making
We work closely with the client to reach good decisions based on facts, expert knowledge and experience, so the people in charge can make the final decisions on a solid basis.

For owners, boards and management Norscan can help

  • prepare and/or evaluate strategic analyses and plans
  • as a sparring partner for facing strategic challenges
  • to prepare the foundation for decision-making
  • during the implementation of selected strategies – as an adviser, board member or hired in as senior executive for a shorter or longer period
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