Ownership and Capital

Development of ownership.

From the owners perspective this has to be an ongoing part of the strategic agenda. Key elements are issues related to capital and competencies.

New capital
  • Strategic expansion
  • Restructuring / crisis
  • Partnership
  • Private placement
  • Listing
  • Composition of and relevant competencies in the Board
  • Management and organization.  Does the company have access to adequate and sufficient resources and is it well organized ?
  • Particular challenges related to publicly owned businesses and ownership changes in family owned companies 


Corporate Governance. 

Competencies and work through boards are key issues. Necessary professionalism at Board level is key for all ownership whether listed, publicly owned or family owned businesses.

For ownership change of family owned businesses the following issues are key:

  • Competencies for continuation of the operations
  • Participation in board and operations
  • Splitting up of the business
  • Divestment of parts of the business
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