Financial/Operational Restructuring

Financial Restructuring

Involving a financial advisor at an early stage can be of critical importance for a favorable outcome of a financial restructuring process. 

Norscan has extensive experience from financial restructuring working with both borrowers and lenders and can offer independent advice to owners, board and management

  • Evaluate/develop alternative capital structure / refinancing plan
  • Consolidate the business by i.a. divesting assets, renegotiating sales or purchase contracts, new credit lines
  • Obtain new capital/ identify and approach new investors
  • Identify new lenders
  • Negotiate with old and new lenders
  • Dialogue with all stakeholders through the refinancing process

Operational Restructuring

Most companies will from time to time need to restructure operations to improve profitability. 

Norscan has extensive experience with planning and executing operational restructuring in both larger and medium-sized operations and can offerIndependent advice to owners, board and management

  • Assessment / development of restructuring plan
  • Implementation of plan
  • Project management
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