Business restructuring

Rapid changes in a company's environment, market, technology, competitive situation, product lifecycle, financing, etc. may result in a need to restructure all or part of the company or its activities.

Norscan has extensive experience from restructuring processes, both from corporate management, board positions, and through management-for-hire.

Every situation is unique and must be understood to make the restructuring successful. We are very conscious of the dialogue needed with the many stakeholders (owners, management, employees, customers, lenders, etc.).

Norscan can offer independent consulting or active management/participation in restructuring, whether it involves operational and/or financial restructuring of the business.

Operational restructuring

Most companies will need restructuring from time to time to improve profitability.

Norscan can offer:

  • Advice to the owner, Board of Directors, management
  • Analysis of the root causes for why an enterprise ended up where it is
  • Modelling future scenarios (what will the company look like following the restructuring)
  • Preparation of a restructuring plan
  • Implementation of the restructuring
  • Management for Hire

Financial restructuring

Hiring a financial consultant early in a process can determine the outcome of refinancing. Norscan has extensive experience with financial restructuring, from the side of the lender as well as the borrower. We can offer:

  • Independent advice for owners, directors and management
  • Review/prepare proposals for capital structure/refinancing plan
  • Stabilisation for the sale of assets, renegotiation sales/purchasing agreements, liquidity acquisition etc.
  • Assist in equity acquisition / identifying and contacting investors
  • Identifying potential lenders
  • Negotiating with old and new lenders
  • Dialogue with all parties involved in the re-financing process
  • Management for Hire
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