Acquisitions and divestment

Norscan offers assistance in buying and selling businesses – often based on an overall strategy process. Norscan's strength lies in long experience.

Norscan's team has conducted a significant number of acquisitions. We facilitate the buying process from planning to completion by thoroughly understanding the client's strategic drivers.

Our contribution is often the identification of relevant and attractive acquisition candidates, assessing how best to approach potential candidates and – in the next stage – helping with the actual implementation of the transaction.

Norscan's partners have taken charge of the sale of many large and small companies. We can help with preparation and implementation. Our extensive international network is often useful in such contexts.

In many cases, preparing a business for sale can involve substantial value-creation and profit. Norscan has extensive experience with this process. For example, it may be necessary to adjust the company's strategic positioning, highlighting company values or reviewing the corporate structure. At the same time, orderly administrative relationships should be ensured and any disputes or risk areas clarified.

The sales process is normally conducted under the auspices of BCMS Norway, which is a subsidiary of Norscan. BCMS Norway limits its operations to selling companies based on a concept developed by BCMS, a leading European operator in the sale of business enterprises.

The key to a successful sale is creating choices – to be able to choose a buyer and the type of transaction. Selling businesses is first and foremost a marketing task. BCMS will spend a lot of time in the early phase to identify criteria for determining precisely which potential buyers to approach, as well as facilitating competition over the company being sold.

The purchase and sale of businesses are increasingly occurring across national borders. We are particularly good at identifying foreign buyers.

The BCMS concept is described on their website:

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